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My name is Stephen Schieberl. I am a Creative Technology Lead at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, Oregon. I build everything from large format installations to experimental interactive art to database-driven web sites and more.

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Ban the Rewind?

Here's some raw footage of a few laps flying in the suburbs. A couple friends turned me onto this location recently. I live eight miles from here, so it's a real time and gas saver. ;) There was almost no wind so runs were decently fast, even with my ITV Bip Bip 16 on its slowest setting. Flying this spot tends to draw anywhere from a few folks to a full on crowd from the neighborhood, but we're always welcomed and try to answer questions. It's a good time. Someone really needs to trim those bushes.

Yeah, speedflying is sort of the meeting point between paragliding and high performance canopy piloting (skydiving). I came to it from the skydiving side in 2004, but the paragliding world has come up with the better, discipline-specific gear in the past few years. Hence the purchase. I love this wing!

Is this a cross between hangliding and something else? Looks fun.